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Deirdre took her test in Belvedere and aced it with only 3 minor faults. An excellent pass especially with another lockdown and a baby on the way! Many congratulations!

"Passed on my first time with only 3 minor faults. I can definitely recommend Paul to teach you the skills you need. I found his feedback really valuable in correcting some of my American driving habits."
Unfortuntely due to Lockdown I was not able to continue with Ania's lessons. She was a brilliant learner and did very well in a short space of time.

"Paul was a very thorough and methodical teacher, making sure you got each step close to perfect before moving onto the next. His teaching strategies made sure that each part of the process stuck in my head and made me feel like I knew each step to being a careful driver. Sadly, lockdown cut our lessons short but his lessons provided the perfect springboard for me to carry on practising in my own time. Paul explained everything very well so I knew exactly what I was doing and what the car was doing/how it would respond, which was helpful. I would recommend to anybody who wants a series of thorough driving lessons where everything is covered methodically. Thank you Paul!"
To anyone looking for a friendly, reliable and knowledgeable driving instructor, the search is over. Paul teaches you the skills to be a great driver at your pace. He never criticises you for getting something wrong but explains what to do to make it right the next time. He let's you listen to the radio which always made me more relaxed when learning and made me feel like a 'real driver'. He is friendly and reassuring when you need it most. I had a great time learning with Paul and I thank him for giving me the confidence to learn again.
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Really glad I chose Paul as my instructor. He helped me to become a safe and confident driver as I was quite nervous about driving in London and also had been in an accident. I passed my test with only two minor faults and I know that was down to his teaching. He has a lovely mix of professionalism and good chat which is important when you spend a lot of time driving around together! Would highly recommend him!
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Another Test in Belvedere and yet another pass. Many congratulations to David!

"I cannot recommend Paul highly enough. As a more 'mature' learner.. I have tried to learn before with other instructors and was never able to do it. Paul is patient, friendly, reassuring and funny. He completely puts you at ease, takes everything at a pace that is comfortable for you and has the patience of a saint (and I'm sureI really tested his patience). He is full of little hints and tips and things to think about - that prepare you for driving in the real world and not just to pass your test. 100% would recommend Paul at 1stime Pass to anyone that wants to get driving. Thanks Paul."
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Nathan took his Test in Erith. He was a pleasure to teach and is now enjoying whizzing around town in his new car. Wishing you all the best!

"So Glad I chose 1st time pass. Found Paul to be courteous and informative from the start. Always punctual and ready with a wealth of driving knowledge. Paul gives pointers and help whenever needed, backed up with praise and assurance. I thoroughly enjoyed my time witb Paul as it always felt later back and easy, I have no doubt I would have struggled without his guidance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Paul to anyone, and would like to thank him for his time and effort in helping me gain my licence."
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Nicolette passed first time in Belvedere after an amazing drive.

"I passed first time and I credit my readiness and lack of anxiety on the day to Paul's excellent tips, calm nature, excellent direction and instruction and knowledge of test routes and instructor pet hates.
He has my strongest recommendation. Call him today."
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Kemi beat Mother Nature and passed first time just 1 week before her baby was due! She is now the proud mum of a beautiful baby boy and a full Driving Licence!

'1st time pass lived up to it's name, passed at my 1st attempt! Paul provides a professional training in the most relaxed manner. The 2 hour classses actually means you get to practice properly during each class. Highly recommend!'
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Another 1st time Pass to add to the list. Another amazing Test, another amazing pupil.

'Learning to drive under Paul's expert tutelage was an absolute pleasure.
His calm and friendly teaching style perfectly compliments his detailed explanations of the rules of the road.
His overall approach made learning to drive not only enjoyable but also made it seem easy; he really understands how to put his pupils at ease.
I felt Paul was able to tailor his tuition to suit my specific needs - in particular practicing clutch control exercises and different techniques and reference points for reversing manoeuvres.
As a result of Paul's expert tuition, I was able to go from first lesson to 'test ready' and pass first time in just under six weeks.
If you're looking for a quality driving instructor with a good sense of humour, look no further than Paul.'
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Marina took her test in Hither Green and aced it 1st time. Many congratulations!

'I passed my practical driving test first time! Paul is a patient, reliable instructor and I respect his professionalism. I was determined to pass first time round and so, with Paul's guidance, I did! Although I had years of past driving experience, I signed up for 20hours of instruction completed in 5 weeks before my test date, so I am familiar with the routes and especially at a time when the roads around my test centre (Hither Green) are undergoing changes! So happy that I am now a test-certified, safe driver in London! '
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Tony was a pleasure to teach and as a result he passed his Test in Erith first time. Since then we have done a Pass Plus course and I wish him all the best for the future!

'Man's a absolute legend. If he can teach me to pass my test in one go (i passed today), he can do it to anybody. The lessons were informative but at the same time entertaining and fun. Was an absolute honor sir and highly recommended for anyone who wants to start learning how to drive.

Hoorah for Erith, Hoorah for 1st time pass and a final Hoorah to you Paul for doing a excellent job as my driving instructor. Thank you.'
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Jen took her Test in Hither Green and it was an absolute pleasure to hear her squeal with delight when the Examiner told her she passed! Very much looking forward to seeing you for the Pass Plus and perhaps a coffee or two sometime soon.

"I can't say enough good things about Paul. He's patient, clear with instructions, and full of handy tips to make driving easier, as well as having a great sense of humour - vital with me behind the wheel! I've already recommended him to one of my friends who thinks the same as I do. Great instructor who's left me feeling very confident on the roads."
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Many congratulations to Sean who passed in Erith earlier this month.

"I couldn't recommend Paul enough. Brilliant instructor and is very patient. I enjoyed learning with Paul and even looked forward to the lessons. If your looking for a driving instructor look no further 10/10."
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Belvedere was the choice for David and he aced it by adding to the list of 1stime passes

"Amazing, Paul helped me pass my driving test first time. Was so helpful and patient perfect instructor to help you pass as soon as possible. Had other teachers before and it didn't work out but Paul was an amaizng teacher and wouldn't of passed it without him."
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Agata took her test in Sidcup and passed first time.

"It was brilliant, I have passed from First time. Paul is a really friendly and also patience person, quite busy but definitely is worth to wait and book with him as he has all the skills and knowledge to help people to get a driving licence but also become a good driver. I'm really grateful. Highly recommended."
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Cameron took his test and passed with an almost perfect drive picking up just 1 minor point. Fantastic driving Cameron, well done!

"I have been having driving lessons for quite some time now, and have now passed my test. Paul is a great instructor, patient, friendly and easy to talk to. After every sessions I felt more and more capable and comfortable to passing. Great car geat drive. Thank you Paul."
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Laura was a little camera shy but nailed her Test in Erith first time with only 4 driver faults. Wishing you many happy years of safe driving! to follow
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Andrew took his Test in Hither Green and had an amazing drive with only 3 driver errors. Many congratulations and looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus.

"Paul was a great instructor and learning to drive with him was an absolute pleasure. He was calm, friendly and patient which was exactly what you want in an instructor. His explanations were clear and he always made sure I was up to speed with what he was saying. Learning to drive from Paul was a great experience and I would highly recommend him."
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Ben had an amazing Test in Hither Green and passed with only 2 driver faults. Many congratulations Ben!

"I'm 40 years old and hadn't had lessons in 20 years before deciding to finally sort it out and get my licence. I tried another driving school but found it very difficult to 'click' with the instructors who didn't really take much of an effort to communicate in such a way as to ensure I absorbed all this information. Decided on 1stime Pass really because of their website and how much of an effort it showed and how helpful it was and when I finally had my lessons with Paul I knew it was the correct decision. He has the patience of a saint and really takes time to find the right way to help you understand processes, procedures and techniques, breaking them down into more easily digestible chunks.

He was genuinely the perfect fit for me and I would heartily recommend 1stime Pass to any learner driver of any age. I have just passed first time thanks to instructor Paul, so it's not just a catchy name… "
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Blake passed his test in Erith 1stime with an amazing drive. well done Blake, look forward to seeing you in your BMW mate!

"Paul is a Great driving instructor! He arrived on time for every lesson and helped me pass my test first time."
abbey wood se2 driving instructor
Vishal passed first time in Hither Green with only 4 driver faults. He was a great guy and a pleasure to teach

"I decided to sign up to Paul's classes after reading his reviews online. Paul's lessons turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. His lessons are professional but relaxed and he does not pick on small errors. He is always encouraging and focusses on strengthening any obvious weaknesses. My confidence grew quickly and I did pass 1stime with only 4 minors. A great instructor and a great guy. Thanks Paul!"
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Klaudija took her test successfully in Erith and has the smile to prove it! Well done!

"Paul was absolutely amazing. Great instructor, very patient, learnt a lot from him. I would like to recommend Paul to anyone, as well as being professional he is always ready for a laugh, felt very relaxed with him. I had previous instructors but Paul was the only one I felt comfortable with, great teacher ! I failed my first practical test but Paul was adamant to work on the mistakes I made and did not give up until I perfected them and second time it was a pass, I could not be more pleased ! Enjoyed every lesson, of course I was stressed at times but he helped me build up my confidence and feel so much at ease. Thank you so much ! "

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Josh passed his Test in Hither Green after a great drive, wishing you many years of safe driving and looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus

"Paul is a great driving instructor, he has the ability to make you feel relaxed in the car and is very clear in the way he teaches. The value for money is very good, level of service and quality is excellent. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone of my friends or family."
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Jamel was another amazing 1stime Pass in Hither green. Well done and wishing you many happy years of driving!

"Paul was a great instructor he was completely honest and straight forward I highly recommend him passed first time 5 errors."