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test pass driving belvedere
It was a pleasure teaching Olga. She took and passed her Test in Belvedere test centre. Wishing you the best and I shall look forward to seeing you on the road in your swanky new car!

Paul is a brilliant driving instructor and have a patience of a saint :) Really good at explaining everything, would definitely recommend.
Osman called me up for some refresher lessons. He hadn’t driven for over 5 years and just wanted to polish his skills so he could buy a car to drive to his new job. He was a pleasure teach and picked up things very quickly. Wishing you the best Osman.

Paul is very calm and concise. He gives very clear instructions and great tips as you are driving. His lessons build up perfectly to continuously improve your skills. It had been 5 years since I got my licence and had last driven, but by the end of my tenth booster lesson I felt really confident to go and get my first car. Thank you Paul.
Richard had an amazing driving Test in Hither Green. He passed with flying colours only getting 1 driver fault.

Paul is an excellent instructor with wonderful patience, strong discipline and extremely good observation skills which all contribute to his overall instruction to a very high standard. I would thoroughly recommend him.
driving lessons belvedere
Harry passed his Test in Belvedere with only 1 minor. Looking forward to our trip to Brighton for your Pass Plus.
Well done.

Paul was a good instructor helping build confidence each lesson and very good at explaining on where to improve and multiply ways to improve them to suit the driver.”
driving lessons blackheath
Stephan took a semi intensive course with me and passed his test in Hither Test first time. He had taken a few lessons a many years ago but wanted to get his licence asap so we worked really hard together preparing him for his test which he aced!

Paul is an excellent instructor. I was learning to drive at the age of 30, after having taken a few introductory lessons a long time before that, and found him to be very patient, even with obvious questions, and direct and honest. He had lots of useful suggestions and advice at every stage, advised me well on when to attempt the test, and I passed first time with 3 minors, a result I was very happy with. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anybody.”
driving lessons hither green
Harriet took an intensive course with me over a 2 week period and took and passed her test in Hither Green Test Centre first time. She worked so hard and really deserved to pass with flying colours. I shall look forward to seeing her for some motorway lessons soon.

"Paul has been a brilliant driving instructor from start to finish. I began learning to drive a number of years ago but stopped before attempting a test. I was quite apprehensive about trying to learn again but Paul was calm and reassuring throughout, meaning I enjoyed lessons far more than I’d anticipated! He explained concepts clearly and demonstrated skills/manoeuvres so I could get my head around them before attempting them myself, which helped me to learn. He was incredibly patient, and put me at ease when I felt more nervous, e.g. By selecting quieter routes so I could get into the swing of driving before trying a new skill. 

With huge thanks to Paul, I managed to pass my test first time (contrary to my own expectations!), and I would have no hesitation in recommending 1stime Pass to others.
driving lessons belvedere
Cassie took her Test in belvedere and was a pleasure to teach, passing first time!! As well as learning to drive a car she was also learning to ride a motorbike - look forward to see you on the road!

"Passed first time! 
Really enjoyed the lessons with Paul; he's a genuine guy with a sense of humour. His advice about the test was spot on and really useful on the day. 

From actually enjoying my time learning to drive, I now feel confident on the road - not just passing. Thanks Paul :).
first time pass erith
Dan passed in Belvedere Test Centre

"Having failed a couple of tests a few years ago, I picked driving back up booking a few lessons with Paul. His patience, sense of humour and attention to detail ensured that the learning experience was a joy and I managed to pass on the second attempt this time around. Paul's tuition was professional and stood me in great stead for the test."
Stacks Image 908
I was so proud of Maria passing 1st time today in Erith. Well done Maria - you nailed it!!!

"I would defo recommend paul as a driving instructor. He explains everything so well that it makes easier to learn. So patient and fun. I passed today 1st time thanks to him."
Stacks Image 895
Kira passed in Erith after an amazing drive. Even the examiner said how impressed he was with her drive - well done :)

"Paul is a very good and thorough instructor who will make sure that you are as prepared as possible for your test. Would definitely recommend him."
Stacks Image 882
Kevin had a stonking test and passed with only driver fault! Excellent work Kevin

"Outstanding service, great communication skills and effective teaching enabled me to pass first time and would highly recommend anyone looking to take there driving test."
Stacks Image 869
Laura took her test in Erith. She was great fun and always looked forward to lessons and as a result of that made great progress

"Paul is a great instructor - very calm and patient and explains everything thoroughly. Even has good taste in radio stations! Would highly recommend."
Stacks Image 856
I really enjoyed teaching Stuart to learn to drive. he was very focussed and determined and it was great to see him smiling at the end of his test.

"Recently passed my test with Paul, found him to be friendly reliable and very thorough, took me through the stages and manoeuvres with patience and helped me feel at ease on the roads, would highly recommend to anyone."
Stacks Image 843
Another first time pass thanks to Sam’s hard work and humour. Looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus

"I would recommend Paul to any learner. His teaching was excellent and his knowledge of test routes and how to perform the manoeuvres with control was second to none. This was my first time behind a car, Paul was very patient and worked towards my pace without rushing me through. Thanks to Paul I passed my test first time and will be recommending Paul to my friends who need lessons. 
Thank you Paul."
Stacks Image 830
Zsnatte passed in Erith - many congratulations!

"I passed my driving test a few weeks ago after taking lessons with Paul. He was patient, professional and encouraging. Lessons were well-structured, we didn't move on to trickier roads or manoeuvres until I was comfortable to do so. Practicing around the test centre was invaluable on the day of the test. Learning with Paul made me a safe and competent driver, I can't recommend him highly enough! Thanks!"
Stacks Image 814
Rob was another first timer passer would did really well on a difficult test route. I shall look forward to seeing Rob for his Pass Plus next month.

"Paul was a great help preparing me for the driving test and thanks to his tuition I was able to pass first time! He is a very patient instructor and has a great eye for detail, always remaining calm despite a few near misses when first starting out!

It wasn't the quickest learning experience due to work commitments and no opportunity for private practice, but Paul was always willing to work around my schedule and was a genuinely nice guy to spend hours in a car with.
Stacks Image 801
Raz’s test was in Erith. He passed with a handful of driver faults but the examiner said he was impressed with his knowledge and control of the car.

"Paul was very patient, always on time and a very good teacher. He got me through my test first time. thanks. “
Stacks Image 788
Sean did his test in Erith. He did really well with a very tough test route. Well done Sean, I look forward to seeing you for you Pass Plus

"I couldn't recommend Paul enough. Brilliant instructor and is very patient. I enjoyed learning with Paul and even looked forward to the lessons. If your looking for a driving instructor look no further 10/10."
Stacks Image 621
Akin took his test in Erith and passed 1st time with only 4 driver faults. He was a complete gentleman to work with and I wish him all the best for the future.

"Paul was fantastic from the first day I met him, his techniques, ways he teaches and his patience is next to nothing, I passed my test with 1STIME PASS after several attempts with other driving schools, I have talked to few of my friends to let them know Paul's driving school is the best."
Stacks Image 835
Jason took his test in Erith. He did really well and was a pleasure to teach.

I was very nervous in the beginning but Paul was very patient with me and took everything at my own pace, so I did not feel overwhelmed and actually surprised myself by looking forward to my lessons. Thanks for all the hard work Paul!
Stacks Image 514
Ian took his test in Sidcup and passed with only 2 driver faults. He was a lovely guy and a pleasure to teach.

"Paul is a fantastic instructor and has a very patient manner. I've had previous instructors who could be quite stressy at times, but Paul is always very calm and explains things extremely well. I passed with his help and would recommend him to anyone."
abbey wood se2 driving instructor
Leah passed her test first time in Erith. Many congratulations Leah - I shall look forward to seeing you in your shiny new VW Beetle!

"Paul is an excellent driving instructor and helped me to pass I had never driven before and he taught me how to drive brilliantly in 2 and half months. You won't find a better teacher than him if you want to pass first time."
Stacks Image 480
Sean passed his test in Hither Green. Wishing you many happy years of safe driving!

"Learning to drive with Paul was both quick and fun. He was friendly and patient and would explain all aspects of driving in a clear and easy to understand way. I would happily recommend Paul to all my friends and family."
Stacks Image 483
Samantha took her driving test in Erith and passed first time accumalating on a handful of driver faults. I'll look forward to seeing you whizzing around in your new car!

"Great instructor got on really well which helps when your learning to drive I passed first time which was amazing and couldn't have done it with a better instructor."

Stacks Image 469
Abraar passed his test in Hither Green with just 5 driver faults, which in itself is pretty amazing, but passing his test in under 20 hours of tuition shows the caliber of driver that he is. Wishing you all the best and looking forward to seeing you around Greenwich in your Honda Civic.

"Absolutely great service and Paul was brilliant!! Couldn't thank him enough for what he has done for me. He was very helpful and a great guy; very funny as well! Absolutely brilliant, thanks a lot! I recommend this company to anyone who wants to learn how to drive, they provide an exceptional experience! Just make sure when you book with BSM that you have Paul as your instructor! Many thanks for the great service Paul."
Stacks Image 461
Jaskaran was an absolute natural and passed his test in Erith with only a handful of driver faults. Wishing you many years of safe driving.

"Paul is a great driving instructor with a great personality, sense of humour and teaching skills. He taught me how to drive from day one and I never had a problem. Much appreciated."
Stacks Image 493
Basil learnt to drive in America but decided to take his Test in Hither Green in order to improve his job prospects. He was a very quick learner and soon adapted his style of driving and booked his Test. He passed 1st time with only a couple of minors - Wishing you all the best with your new life/career Basil!

"Paul Was A Superb Instructor He Trained Me In 4 Hours The Day Before My Practical And I Passed My Practical. Thanks For Being A Great Instructor."
Stacks Image 450
Sarah passed her test at Erith Test Centre on her first attempt. Massive congratulations on a well deserved pass!

"Paul is a fantastic driving instructor. I was prepared to take it at my own pace - being maturer in age than your average learner - and Paul's patience made it an enjoyable and relaxed environment to learn. He was incredibly thorough and amenable throughout. I highly recommend him, especially in light of him giving me the skills and confidence to pass first time!"
Stacks Image 442
I was absolutely delighted when Joseph passed his test 1st time in Hither Green. Much deserved congratulations! I shall look forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus.

"I passed my driving test with Paul as my instructor on 9 September after about 30 hours of lessons. I passed first time! As an "older" learner, I couldn't have asked for a better outcome and much of the credit must go to Paul's excellent instruction. Paul explains everything clearly and patiently with a good dose of humour. He is also a top bloke. 2 hours is a long time to be in a car with someone but Paul's lessons were always a pleasure."
Stacks Image 434
Many congratulations to Elenor who passed her test at Hither Green DTC on her 1st attempt with only 4 driver faults!

"Very good teaching, helping with all aspects of the driving test and plenty of available lesson slots."
Stacks Image 418
Jess passed her test first time in Erith with only 5 driver faults! An absolutely amazing achievement. Looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus soon!

"Paul made learning to drive seem super easy which of course, it isn't! Every lesson was both well taught and a lot of fun, really friendly guy and so easy to get along with. He's got the patience of a saint and gave me more practise in the areas I needed most help which built my confidence massively. I passed first time which is a tribute to his fab teaching!"
Stacks Image 402
James passed his test in Hither Green with an absolutely perfect drive getting 0 driver faults. He was a bag of nerves before but managed to overcome them and let his driving do the talking! Well done James, I shall look forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus.
Stacks Image 394
Michael had an amazing 1st time pass at Hither Green Driving Test Centre with only 1 driver fault ! Well done on all those mirror checks, I knew you could do it...!

"Learning how to pass my test felt easy. Paul put me at ease, pulled me out of my bad habits and was always calm and relaxed when teaching.
I passed my test 1st time with one minor (that I shouldn't of got!) I would well recommend this guy to anyone wanting to learn!
As well as being an amazing teacher, he is also one of the funniest people I know!"
David took his Test in Hither Green. Unfortunately I was unable to take him to his test due to a prior booking but he made proud when he called to tell me he passed! Well done, see you soon David!

"Paul was a very good and dedicated driving instructor. I was a complete novice when he took me on, and thanks to a great deal of patience and dedication from his part, I was turned into a competent driver in the short space of three months. We encountered a few problems in my first two driving tests, some of which were beyond our control (we still believe I actually passed on my first test), and whilst I didn't in the end pass the test on his car (he was otherwise engaged on the day), I couldn't have passed my third test with a single minor fault without him. I will definitely contact him for the plus pass certificate once I secure a car."
Stacks Image 370
Simone passed her test at Belvedere Driving Test Centre. Looking forward to seeing you driving your new car, and see you soon for your Pass Plus!

"Best instructor I've had, good quality of service, great communication and overall enjoyed learning every minute!!"
Stacks Image 386
Uzayar took his test in Sidcup and passed with just 2 driver faults. Many congratulations!

"A lot was covered in the lessons which meant I was ready for my test fairly quickly, and everything was taught to me well and was practiced thoroughly so I knew what to expect. Also I was given freedom to focus on things I wasn't that confident on which helped on improving those things. My instructor also identified some areas which I needed to improve on which we then focused on to improve and get better."
Stacks Image 367
Buddy passed his test in Hither Green on his first attempt! Congratulations on a great pass Buddy!

"After having trouble with my first instructor Paul was a great choice to help me get back on the road learning. He was always friendly and accommodating and I always felt confident with his tutoring. He was patient with me when I struggled and that was a massive plus for me. Was certainly a massive influence in helping me pass my test 1st time."
Stacks Image 457
Chetan passed his test in Hither Green with just 5 driver faults! looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus soon...!

"I have had a wonderful experience with BSM. My driving instructor Paul has been expectional. He maintained a level of professionalism, but at the same time he would also approach me in a friendly way. I have had previous driving instructors and Paul by far has been the best! He constantly motivated me, ensured that I made the most of my lesson. Paul is very knowledgeable and is great at his job! His interpersonal skills are excellent. I am very happy that I had a driving instructor like Paul as he made me feel confident when driving. I looked forward to every driving lesson as he made the lesson fun. Thanks so much Paul!"
sidcup driving lessons
Liam took his test in Sidcup and passed with 7 minor faults, safe driving Liam!

"Paul was a top instructor and was very easy to book lessons with. I would recommend paul to anyone and was great to learn with the time I was with him "
Stacks Image 629
Well done to Louise to a great 1st time pass at Hither Green Test Centre.

"I had already been driving for some time but wasn't happy with my instructor, so switched to Paul who was absolutely fantastic. My confidence and ability rose immediately and the improvement in my driving was clear from the very first lesson. 
Paul was great at highlighting what I needed to improve on and making sure I was happy at the pace/progression of the lessons, and was very easy to schedule lessons with. 
Would definitely recommend"
SE18 driving school
Another 1stime Pass with just 5 driver faults (minors). Well done Stu...!
se10 driving school
Tunde passed first time in Belvedere Test Centre, looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus!
belvedere driving instructor
Congratulations to Allan who passed his driving test at Belvedere TC first time!
greenwich se10 driving school
Catherine had a great result in Hither Green TC with only 1 driver fault! Fantastic, all your hard work really paid off!!

"Paul's explanations and instructions were clear and thorough, allowing me to get the most out of each lesson. Paul is also very patient and calm, and has a good sense of humour, which helped me to feel confident driving and also made my lessons go quicker. The hourly rate that I paid through BSM seemed a little expensive, but I feel that this was justified by the high level of service that I received"
learn to pass belvedere
Gerry was a little camera shy, but his Driving Test Report sheet speaks for itself. ZERO faults, absolutely amazing. Well done mate!

"Great instructor very professional and helpful would recommend paul to anyone"
lewisham driving school
Julie took her Test in Hither Green TC and had a great pass, the smile says it all! Well done Julie.

"I couldn't rate Paul more highly. As a very nervous learner driver he was exceptionally patient, kind and encouraging. His sense of humour and excellent teaching skills ensured that I passed second time and am now a confident driver - something I thought I would never be. He will also be teaching my son to drive in a few months and will be recommending him to anyone looking to learn. "
plumstead se18 driving tuition
Sharon took her driving test in Belvedere Text Centre and passed first time. Congratulations Sharon!

"Paul was a brilliant instructor. He was professional, informative and patient. I believe that I would not have passed my test on the first attempt without his guidance. Thank you Paul" 
belvedere driving school
Thomas passed his Driving Test at Belvedere Test Centre 1st time with only 5 faults.
sidcup driving lessons
Husyein passed at Belvedere Test Centre, looking forward to seeing you for your Pass Plus
sidcup driver training
Derek passed in Sidcup with just 3 driver faults, well done D!
erith driving instructor
Chi passed in Belvedere TC. Well done mate, looking forward to doing your Pass Plus with you!
hither green driver training
Sandra passed her practical driving test with at Belvedere Test Centre, well done Sandra.
"After I failed my test, I realised that I needed to go back to the drawing board. I changed driving instructors and I was AMAZED at the difference! Paul is a patient, understanding and friendly driving instructor who always put me at ease in the car. Paul helped me understand that even though I was a 'satisfactory' driver, I needed to work on some of the essential driving skills not only needed to pass my test but to become a safe driver in the future. Paul allowed me to work at my own pace, but also pushed me to tackle areas I found difficult. If you are looking for an excellent driving instructor who has a good sense of humour and deliver results to help you pass your test - I strongly recommend learning to drive with Paul! I finally passed my test and can reverse around the corner like a real pro! Thanks so much!" 
Neil Williams: "Paul is extremely patient and explains driving techniques very well. He is also very friendly and was very keen for me to pass my driving test. Very narrowly missed out on a first-time pass and passed the second attempt with only one minor. Highly recommended"
Hana K: "When I first started my lessons I did not enjoy learning. I contacted BSM and they offered me to change the instructor and I could see a huge difference when I did my lessons with Paul. He is a great instructor, explains perfectly, professional has a great sense of humour which puts you at ease during the lessons. For me he is the best of the best. "