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Theory Test, Hazard Perception and Practical Test.

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This essential new version includes every single question and answer from the official DSA Theory Test Question Bank which is live in test centres from 1st September 2008 onwards. New drivers in the UK are involved in 29% of all collisions and one in five new drivers has an accident within the first 12 months of passing their test. To help nervous learner drivers adopt a safe and responsible attitude on the road,
All Tests 2009/10 includes a unique new Safe Driver Test. This can highlight traits that could knowingly cause that person to be a danger to others and to themselves when driving. Learners will discover the importance of introducing responsible driving habits early on in their driving career, making them more likely to pass their test and enjoy a lifetime of safe driving. DVD 1 - New Theory Test Containing everything you need to know about the Driving Theory Test, this interactive DVD contains ALL the questions and answers from the OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test, valid until 2010. Essential for all learner drivers and motorcyclists, Driving Test Success will have you throwing away those L plates in no time! Theory Test Features -Answer EVERY question from the latest OFFICIAL DSA Theory Test Question Bank valid until 2010, containing over 1,200 questions for learner car drivers and motorcyclists. -Receive immediate feedback on your answers, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. -View hints and detailed explanations for every answer. -Sit hundreds of mock tests to see if you are ready for the exam. -View the 10 OFFICIAL DSA Hazard Perception sample video clips and Introduction video. -View the latest edition of The Highway Code. DVD 2 - Hazard Perception Test Developed in conjunction with experienced Approved Driving Instructors, this highly realistic DVD is packed with over 190 unique video clips that will help you to recognise potential dangers on the roads. Gain the vital experience and confidence you need to pass the Hazard Perception part of your Theory test, and for a lifetime of safe driving. Hazard Perception Test Features -Interactive video clips to test your hazard perception skills. -Hundreds of interactive mock tests to prepare you for your exam. -Essential test preparation for learner car drivers and motorcyclists. -Review each practice clip and discover where the hazard occurred and where the maximum score could have been achieved. -Gain experience in a variety of real-life settings, including main roads, town and city centres , motorways and rural roads. DVD 3 - Practical Test Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to pass your Driving Test using this fully comprehensive DVD. With over 60 video lessons, you can revise and refresh the essential driving skills taught to you by your Approved Driving Instructor, before and after lessons. Practical Test Features -Revise over 60 video tutorials with the help of expert driving instructors. -Safely revise the four reverse manoeuvres and emergency stop. -Advice on all aspects of the Driving Test. -Learn where all the main car controls are and how to operate them. -Includes the 19 OFFICIAL DSA Show Me, Tell Me questions plus step-by-step video tutorials for the Practical Driving Test Driving Lessons Include: -Pre-drive safety checks. -MSM and POM routines. -Use of mirrors and stopping safely. -Moving off at different angles. -Roundabouts, crossroads, junctions and one-way streets. -Responding to road signs and markings. -Four reverse manoeuvres plus emergency stop. -Hazards and pedestrian crossings. -Poor weather conditions. -Motorway driving and dual carriageways.